How to Design and Build a Product like Apple using UX

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October 21, 2021
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Dhivakaran CB

“We require an application designed like Apple’s products” - We often hear and understand this expression from our clients when they explain about their product’s vision. A small company that started serving Silicon Valley became the largest and the most famous company in the world. The key to the company’s success is its focus on a positive user experience with a design-centric business approach which can transform any business into such a global brand as Apple.

Role of UX UI

UX UI has become a fundamental element of business, sales, and CX. Today, even random web surfers also understand the difference between UI and UX. Industries are looking at UX as a concept that includes everything from the look and feel of a product to its various interactions and the benefit it adds to a customer’s experience. All kinds of industries, whether they are design-oriented or not, have been working towards improving their design. With the role of UX UI in business success and it slowly seeping into the business development domain, pioneers like Apple & Google are invariably working on different strategies towards this end.

Design helps to create and increase success at all the three levels of the business: Method, Actions & Outcomes.

Design-First Approach through method

The first step is user-centered design across all business processes to ensure that everyone in the company cares about the users. Focus on how the user would use their design. Observe & test to notice anything that could make the experience better. It will impact notable enhancement of your company’s overall brand value. Even when it comes to internal processes, always think, how does this help our clients? How does it improve user experience? How to evoke a positive emotion for our clients?

Design to Action

To start with, professionals who can improve your product design need to figure out the right course of action. If a designer only creates a beautiful look and feel for a product, it will not be enough to sustain the company’s long-term development. The company’s designers must be able to engage in the conception and development of the product. To improve the product or service, involve the entire team, including your customers in the product creation quickly and significantly. This will give you many intriguing and innovative ideas, and a better understanding of the product.

Estimate design with right outcomes

To develop design thinking in an organization, results must be defined and measured accordingly. Business performance metrics should also include your customers’ reactions to your product or service. Key points to measure the results include

  • Satisfaction of your Customers or Users
  • How willing the users are to recommend the products to others
  • Frequent usage of the product or service
  • Repetitive purchase

By applying a user-centric experience design process above all, it is possible to deliver incredible value for customers. Apply design specific to the key customer value definition because it helps you to answer,

  • Why do we do this?
  • What does this give our clients?
  • What makes us unique?
  • Why should customers choose us?

Build a Futuristic Organization

Apple's core value does not only reflect in its individual products but also in the entire Apple environment, bringing together all the services into a continuous user experience flow. Design standards intend to change how we handle everything. It influences how every product is constructed & how every product is designed. As users, we are now comfortable with simplicity in the products we use. We expect to use products as tools. The product is not the experience, but the task is the experience. Read ACL Digital’s perspective on How to Solve Customer Experience Problems related to Using a Product or Service.

Take Apple as an inspiration and use the power of UX UI to provide your customers with the highest quality service and experience. Become the most futuristic and sought-after company in your industry! For more information on how ACL Digital can help you deliver exceptional human-centric experience design, get in touch with us today.

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