Total Experience (TX) in healthcare is the total interconnected experiences of all stakeholders across an organization. This includes the experiences of consumers or patients, employees, organizational leaders, etc. TX attempts to enhance the experience of everyone who engages with the organization by addressing the interconnected interactions as a whole.


Our offerings
ACL Digital’s Product innovation and engineering expertise, along with TX strategy, Interlinking CX, EX, UX, and MX, helps the providers, payers, Health Tech, and Med Tech organizations to build integrated solutions resulting in simplified and transformed healthcare.
Digital Front Door Solutions

Digital Front Door Solutions

ACL’s Digital Front door focuses on an omnichannel engagement strategy that leverages the latest digital technologies to create futuristic, connected patient journeys.

  • Content, portals, and commerce
  • Direct-to-patients (DTP)
  • Smart front desk for hospital/facilities
  • Billing & payment solutions
  • Patient registration, scheduling, & digital forms
Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience

Embedding Immersive technologies include Virtual reality (VR), Mixed reality (MR), and Augmented reality (AR) capabilities to enhance virtual care in direct-to-patient and provider-to-provider interactions.

  • VR-enabled remote training – clinical procedures, PPE protocols etc.
  • Remote therapy for care & mental health
  • VR medical applications
  • Health product promotion
  • Healthcare education
Virtual Care Solutions

Virtual Care Solutions

ACL’s virtual care solutions engage the patient, family members, friends and caregivers across the entire care continuum — home (pre-care), point of care & post-care dealing with acute and chronic conditions.

  • Virtual visits
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Digital clinical encounters
  • Direct-to-patient
  • Provider-to-provider (e-ICU, virtual ward rounds, staff education & team meetings)
Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering

ACL Digital creates an integrated total experience strategy with design-thinking & innovation in engineering next-generation healthcare products & platforms to simplify the experience of all the participants in the health ecosystem.

  • Innovation and user experience
  • Platform, product strategy & modernization
  • Mobile experience development
  • Healthcare Interoperability
Connected Care

Connected Care

Intelligent healthcare systems provide an improved and efficient patient outcome. ACL Digital's IoMT solutions bring together the connected devices, platforms & mobile applications to enhance the care delivery processes.

  • Software as a medical device (SaMD)
  • Connected medical devices/care systems
  • Digital engineering
  • Platform development
  • Security & compliance
Intelligent Health

Intelligent Health

The data-driven decisions empower valuebased care in health systems. ACL Digital's intelligent solutions help to consolidate data around health applications and provide collective insights to enhance the Data-to- Decisions journey.

  • Data integration from various data sources
  • Data profiling to quality, data governance processes
  • Healthcare-compliant cloud migration
  • Healthcare analytics
  • AI/ML solutions

Why Total Care Experience?

The Pandemic made experience management across the value chain a top priority for healthcare organizations. At ACL Digital, the healthcare offerings and solutions offer an integrated total experience strategy to simplify the experience of all the participants in the health ecosystem.


The healthcare industry is plagued by data islands- with different departments working individually as a stand-alone entity with heaps of patient data created, managed, & stored in a siloed approach. ACL Digital’s total experience solutions unify communication between departments and make data accessible to everyone within the organization, thereby improving the employee experience and driving positive patient experience.


At ACL Digital, we combine a Total Experience (TX) strategy and design thinking approach to build solutions, frameworks & accelerators with our rapid prototyping and deep technology expertise to build a digital health journey and flawless experience.
Total care xp
Care Experience platform for Healthcare
Personalize and streamline daily tasks and access essential health info in a central dashboard to engage HCPs with a no-code care solution.
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Digital one
Accelerate your digital transformation
A robust engineering platform for developing apps & helps in unifying and streamlining the business operations and IT systems securely with this tailor-made platform.
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