The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has proven its capabilities and applicability in Smart Healthcare systems. IoMT devices have become popular in our daily lives, and the industry is working hard to increase these devices’ accuracy, reliability, and productivity.



Our offerings
ACL Digital’s Product innovation and engineering expertise, along with TX strategy, Interlinking CX, EX, UX, and MX, helps the providers, payers, Health Tech, and Med Tech organizations to build integrated solutions resulting in simplified and transformed healthcare.
Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

ACL Digital’s Total Experience guided design process helps in designing platforms & developing solutions such as:

ACL Digital’s Data Intellect solution:

  • Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)
  • Connected medical devices/care systems
  • Digital Therapeutics solutions Managing patients, clinicians, and caregivers
  • Support for different form factors (web and mobile platforms)
  • Use AI/ML-based intelligent data insights for delivering high-quality solutions
Connected Platforms

Connected Platforms

ACL Digital’s connected platforms and frameworks like Iotify and DigitalOne provide faster IoT/IoMT adoption. Build, deploy & manage applications, gateways, sensors, and devices from these platforms.

Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

The secure integrations and compliance of the IoMT devices and data security is the need of the hour. At ACL Digital, we help our customers with,

  • Platforms that can run MLOps and analyze device performance, diagnostics, and therapeutic interpretations.
  • Building AI dashboards for analytical outcomes, model performance, regulatory and security scorecards
  • Securely managing IoMT devices and their integrations with the HDO backend computing resources using CARTA strategies for continuously improving security.
  • These include asset discovery, risk analysis, risk mitigation, event detection and response, and device analytics, together with computerized maintenance management systems.
Why Connected Care?
To provide improved and efficient patient outcomes, the IoMT solutions bring together the connected devices, platforms & mobile applications to enhance the care delivery processes.
connected care
connected care
connected care
connected care
ACL Digital’s Connected Medical Devices and IoMT healthcare solutions provide an integrated ecosystem comprising home grown solutions.
Integrated IoT Cloud Framework
IoTify is a flexible, secure, and feature- rich multi-platform IoT cloud & application framework specially designed for medical devices.
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digital one
Accelerate your digital transformation
A robust engineering platform for developing apps & helps in unifying and streamlining the business operations and IT systems securely with this tailor-made platform.
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