Patient Connect – A Digital Front Door Platform to enhance Collaboration & Experience.

The Client is a leading provider of healthcare solutions and services for community hospitals, clinics, and post-acute care facilities. The healthcare software provider focuses on helping improve the health of the communities they serve, connecting communities for a better patient care experience, and improving financial operations. In addition, they provide comprehensive EHR solutions for community hospitals and affiliated clinics.
The Client approached to develop a Digital front door platform that enhances the patient experience through frictionless interactions. The digital front door program aimed at digitalizing the patient registration process and automating appointment scheduling through an intelligent BOT.
The Client's facilities span multiple states and cities with a volume 1000+ hospitals treating more than 2M+ patients. Therefore, healthcare facilities must access patient records securely and enable the patient to complete the appointment procedures.
The Solution
The application is intended to provide seamless patient interaction with healthcare facilities and book the appointment of their preferred slot. The patient can upload their documents for processing during the appointment, and they will also receive reminders about their slots. The front desk portal helps the employees with accurate information and provides a better experience throughout the customer-patient journey.
To implement the Digital Front Door Strategy, PatientConnect leveraged Chatbots to solve some of these patient demands. They acted as virtual workers, provided immediate and accurate information, triaged patient needs, scheduled appointments, and could scale out and service any number of patients. The chatbot scaled to handle increased demand, automated data collection, and presentation, and met compliance laws.
The Patient Connect platform is built on .NET Rest API with the backend database Postgress. Most APIs interact with exposed EHR endpoints to manage bi-direction patient data information. In addition, the frontdesk portal provides a robust look and rich, intuitive user experience.
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ACL Digital improved the patient experience for the customer with a Digital Front Door strategy. As a result,
Increased efficiency
Improved the efficiency of healthcare delivery by streamlining processes, such as electronic medical record systems,automated chatbots which can improve patient outcomes.
Enhanced communication
Easier for healthcare professionals to communicate with each other and with patients, which can improve care coordination and continuity. with a conversational AI interface
Improved access to healthcare
Easier for patients to access healthcare services remotely, such as through telemedicine and online consultations.
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