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Perioperative solutions streamlining the complexity and enabling a seamless flow of data across the perioperative continuum of care.

The client is a US$10.7 billion Irish headquartered global health care products company and manufacturer of medical devices. The product lines consist of Surgical devices, medical devices, and medical supplies.
ALTEN Calsoft Labs decades of Healthcare domain experience and our leadership in providing digital solutions in the latest technology, the client approached to develop a Perioperative digital solution.
In the innovation workshop with comprehensive digital customer research and journey mapping to gain a more comprehensive understanding of what our customers want.
The Solution helps to capture the procedure data automatically obtained with the help of Einstein. Some times the data is an entry by nurses or automatically based on an event.
Supply chain management includes both the pharmacy supply chain designed to help your organization from running out of medication and Clinical supply chain materials management systems to include the patent care process.
Dashboards are designed for the monitoring and tracking of each type of users involved in the solutions. Dashboards include Surgeon OR manager, CXO, Scheduling nurse, StoreKeeper, etc.
Incorporate OR workflow to manage the scheduling of the various stages of the case. It allows block-based scheduling by the surgeon or a specialty.
Captures the dispense, return and waste documentation of supplies against each patient encounter. The system is designed to meet UDI demands to help deliver compliance with MU stage
The solution is designed to provide access to patient information; managing allergies, checklists, medication processes, procedures and combines smart device connectivity.
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25% Reduction in time taken for scheduling surgery
Seamless integration with the departments speeds up the planning & preparation of the procedure.
10% Savings on patient bill by avoiding wastage of supplies.
RFID based automated Pick Supplies solution reduces the time to pick and return the surgical products.